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Iron Man 2013 R6 LINE Xvid NEW

2013-05-13 11:33:28 GMT
HeroMaster VIP


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ENJOY ENJOY Iron Man 3 R6-Rip LINE AUDIO New by UnKnOwN!
A - ?
V - ? quality...anyone.
A9/V9 100% watchable! I've only spot checked it so far, but it's definitely the best version for both audio and video that I've personally found as of 5/13 @ 6AM PDT. Close to DVD quality video, and the audio seems to be missing the low hiss and popping noise that I heard in the 1.5GB "Unique" copy from this morning. Download this!
Oh yeah, this version also has NO Chinese subs that are present in the 1.5GB "Unique" version from this morning. Overall this copy is definitely the best.
Weird, the detailed comments I left moments ago have vanished from this page. Don't know what's up with the site. If they reappear and you see this as a 3rd comment from me, ignore. Otherwise, A9/V9, 100% watchable and definitely the best copy I've found so far! No audio hissing/popping and no Chinese subs.
Thanks much
please seeeeeeeedddddd
Said by enonumus: "Oh yeah, this version also has NO Chinese subs."

Did we watch the same version of this movie? This version has several spots near the beginning where there are hardcoded chinese subtitles...


M:6.5 - Hard to get as excited about the third movie when they're all starting to blur with repetitiveness... It's pretty east to see that this franchise is starting to get tired.
You'd have to be a pretty big asshole to download this and have anything bad to say about the quality. Yes, in maybe 3 spots total there are hardcoded subs, but only in the beginning of a scene in a location (i.e. scene changes and shows a different area like Los Angeles... subs announce it in korean)

V: 9
A: 8
M: 8
i'd put it at more a 7/7 at least its watchable non handy cam but def not dvd quality yet
Great quality for a screener! Thanks! Heads up, though...if you haven't seen this film yet, you might not want to click on the first sample bc it's a pretty big spoiler! :)
Who the hell cares if there's a few chinese subs or not. Downloading.
Hey mates this is the one u looking for!!

great quality(dont listen to the haters)


cheers to uploader

i love u tpb!!
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Can anyone give me the link for the subtitles for this one? I cannot seem to find one with correct sync
R6 = Peoples Republic of China

Info on Release qualities:

I think our uploaders could stand to read it, so they can rename these damn movies properly.

So lets break down what an R5 is (because they describe it), so we can know WTF an R6 would be.. I cut out only the important part


The R5 is a retail DVD from region 5. If the DVD does not contain an English-language audio track, the R5 video is synced to a previously released English audio track. Then a LiNE tag is added. This means that the sound often is not as good as DVD-Rips.


So that means...

R6 = A retail DVD from Region 6.

The LINE means they used audio from somewhere else and patched them together basically. This audio in this came from Unknown, which is a known and respected group. However, they don't say if the audio was from a CAM or from a BRip, so we have no clue. Reviewers state the audio is a lot better.

The screenshots look like pretty damn good quality, but the size is small, so it wont look that good on our TVs.


If this was an R6, it would have came from a DVD from China. So it would have DVDRip video quality, and be normal full size pixels. Shit, this video source is barely wider than a YouTube video lmfao!

.. So stop telling me the sky is purple and it rains jolly ranchers.. this is NOT an R6, I don't give a fuck what your source told you, call shit like it is.
btw - I will keep posting that link to spread the word and inform everyone downloading, what your stupid little R6, LINE, R5 and everything means.. So next time you say R5, and your description says the source came from a CAM, you can get called out.

You will not be able to fool us any longer. The more people know wtf your tags and abbreviations mean, the less you can decieve them.. So go ahead, bring out the R7 next.. So you can make people think it's even better quality than the last guys share.

In the end, with your people informed, your going to just get more and more pissed off people. You will have to conform to calling them like they are, or get flamed by the community for being an idiot.
Great upload man thanks. Little blurred bar kinda caught my eye a few times but this is by far the best iron man 3 i have downloaded
greetings from eugene oregon...
i have a 55 inch plasma, and this looks great on it. it is by far the best cam that ive ever seen.

better than the 2nd, but not as good as the first. the end pisses me off, but such is life... this does NOT have the post credit screener though
ROFL - You actually think the green skulls watch these before they re-post them? You must be getting the *really good* jolly ranchers.

Hey at least he did not call a 1024x535 = 720p.
Best audio so far... can somebody stitch this with 720p.R6.x264-JYK this has best video, but include some chinese parts...

MAD PROPS. . . THANK YOU. I have tried and posted the same link in efforts to help people understand what an R5 or an R3 or an R6 or what ever. They are region codes plain and simple. Your explanation as to why the audio is the way it is when an R5 for example is posted here, is as good as any.
Hopefully this will end the stupid arguments and comments from people who SWEAR it is a very good CAM, when it is clearly a DVDRIP as far as the Video with audio synced from else where.
Your the man. I just hope enough people get this info and quit taking these explanations I have given and that you are now giving as an attack at there intelligence. It has ZERO to do with that. ANYWAY,again, thanks big time!! It is good to know I am not the only sane person out here.
Why is Shang Tsung on the poster?

GREAT COPY. Pretty much DVD Qual to me.

Movie - 7

THX soooo much for this dude!

still seeding this after a few days =)