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SAS 9.3 (x86 & x64) - Includes SID til July 2013
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sas 9.3 sas 9.3 sid serial x32 x64 bit
2013-02-08 04:33:33 GMT

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SAS 9.3 (x86 & x64) - Includes SID til July 2013 sas, 9.3, sas 9.3, sid, serial, 86, 64, x32, x64, bit From Quote: SAS-« 9.3 Solve next-generation problems with SAS-« Overview Benefits Features Screenshots System Requirements The newest release of SAS software continues our vision to help our customers solve next-generation business problems with our market-leading business analytics solutions. Through advancements in high-performance computing, improvements in environment management, enhancements in data management, and expanded analytics capabilities to better manage and process "big data," SAS softwareGÇÖs GÇ£big analyticsGÇ¥ technologies are embedded in a framework that supports the entire decision-making process. The SAS Business Analytics Framework combines the strengths of SAS solutions and technologies with SAS' commitment to innovation, continuous technical support, professional services, training and partnerships. Benefits Increased productivity. Broader enablement. Improved scalability. Higher performance. This is an external tracker that is not on TPB so I am uploading here. This program has been very difficult to track down so please be a dear and seed pwetty pwease? Seed. Enjoy. ********************************************************************** Finally, a hybrid file with BOTH 64 and 32 bit applications supported!!! This release also comes with both x86 and x64 bit SID files that should work, if not, click on my name and find other SID's! This file is massive ~12Gb. I compressed it to save almost 1Gb of bandwidth. Please, if you have been waiting all this time for SAS 9.3 and you are a x32 bit user, please download this!!! Release also includes the SAS Enterprise Guide, essential for quick learning and getting you hitting the ground running! ********************************************************************** Continue to check back here for SID updates. Once again, SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED. I will do my part, but I need help! All this material was found through this website: Check there if no one helps you here. Download here to slow? Try:********************************************************************** INSTRUCTIONS: Step 01. Extract .rar file. Step 02. Run setup.exe as administrator. Step 03. Choose Language (I use English). Step 04. Under the "End User Tasks" choose the bullet "Install SAS Software." Step 05. Choose "Install SAS Foundation and Related Software" option. Step 06. Select WHATEVER products you need by clicking on the left hand side. (A check mark will appear once you select an option.) Step 07. Either select all or only products you need for the "SAS Foundation Products." Step 08. Navigate to the SID file found in the "sid_files" folder. Step 09. Select any additional languages you want to install. Step 10. I do not know what port number you want. Go default if you are unsure. Step 11. Let it check system. Step 12. If there are errors, it is more than likely you do not have Admin permissions. Step 13. Press "Start" to install. These were copied from my other torrent. They may not work here, but I'm sure they will. ********************************************************************** Go pirates go! LLPB.		



WARNING: The Base SAS Software product with which RESULTS is associated will be expiring soon,
WARNING: and is currently in warning mode to indicate this upcoming expiration. Please run PROC
WARNING: SETINIT to obtain more information on your warning period.

Can you suggest a possible solution for this?
i have a huge list of exe files in the winzip folder.So now how do i know which one is it that i need to hit in order to complete the installation?

Anyone please?
so i tried to install the program and i got the warning that this application is not intended for my OS,and i have Vista 32 bits
ok just installed the 9.2 version.Don't know how long it is going to work but i have it for now :)

Thanks Doubzstep
so i have to keep the date on my system 3-4 years back otherwise i get this notice or warning: " please contact SAS for an updated SID" How do i fiz this issue,do you know guys?

I'm trying to install SAS 9.3.

Difficulties keep chaining.

Did finally somebody manage to install it ?


What the hell was this zipped with? WinRAR has no idea what this is.
ayuda error!!
Please help solve the following problem. (Already read all prevoius post)

Installation starts on a Windows Vista 32 computer.

Then during installation at “31 percent 48/152 SAS Threaded Kernel”

SAS displays the following error: An issue has been encountered with your SAS Software Depot that cannot be corrected

Installation fails.

Please help bypass the error mentioned above so that SAS can be installed successfully.
Will this sas software install successfully in windows 8.1?
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