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This Is 40 2012 DVD Screener X

2012-12-27 21:34:23 GMT
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Great copy thanks - yes there is a small blurred rectangle down the bottom but its a screener what do you expect!? It was very watchable
A/V: 10
M: 8
Thank You for the UP, but damn, this movie sucked donkey balls.
@yasins25 - Bullshit. The quality of this release does not "suck", and fuck your little for profit private site link. Since you're a fucking spammer, that's what you're going to do - but please refrain from lying about the quality of material released by people who actually CARE about this site and it's community of members/participants. Asshole.


Sincere thanks to HeroMaster and all seeders and leechers... Much appreciated all around.

Thought the writing was a bit shaky, really... The individual exchanges were fine/what you'd expect from Apatow, but the linear development of the narrative/characters was ham-fisted. The lead guy was an absolutely narcissistic prick throughout the whole movie, then suddenly everything changes near the end and he became an entirely different person. Peripheral characters/storylines are left unresolved as well.

Apatow and company can write dialogue well, but they're not to proficient with basic story structure plot development.

Sorry... Just meant to yell at the spammer, didn't mean to ramble on.

Disregarding the blurred screener block at the bottom middle of the screen, i'd give this copy a A9/V9 if i'm being strict.

Perfectly good, clear release for anyone that doesn't want to wait for a pristine archive copy.
to/too .... frickin hate when i do that, regardless of whether or not the world gives a solitary shit.

Anyway... Thx HeroMaster!! Again!!!
Perfect thanx. Seed and be thankful fof tpb
sick 1, thanks
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A/V 9/9
This was an enjoyable film. Nothing ground breaking or spectacular, but fun.
This is a great movie. Thank you so much for the upload! You are definitely my hero, HeroMaster.

A: 9
V: 8
This is 40?

This is the suckiest movie of all time, no humor, no drama, no nothing, it's life itself but more boring and with a bitch of a woman with an ass of a man, sucks so much that at the end you want to kill something, don't bother using bandwidth to download this piece of crap movie wait for it to be free on tv, it sucks so much, oh my God, the horror, the horror.
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